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HD Digital Imaging

  • Visualizes the surface of the scalp in three dimensions with micron-level precision
  • Stereo digital imaging maps coordinates, angle orientation and direction for each follicular unit
  • Determines the density and distribution of follicular units
  • At 50 times a second, monitors and updates distinct parameters of each and every follicular unit
  • Intelligent algorithms set the alignment and depth for individual follicular unit harvesting
  • Calculated angle of approach minimizes transections by the two-needle system

Intuitive User Controls

The elegant design of the user interface simplifies operation, reduces training complexity and helps get practices up and running smoothly.

  • Multiple views and clear options allow users to adjust the dissection settings
  • Key controls allow adjustments without interrupting the procedure
  • Puncture depth
  • Coring depth
  • Angle
  • Speed
  • System can be operated by keyboard or patient-side control

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